DISC Personality & Behaviour Profiling

Key Component of the Course


To know the purpose and value of DISC

What DISC can do for you and your business

A DISC assessment and analysis 

How to communicate and interact with others

Why You Need the Training

  • To communicate with others effectively, we first have to know who we are and what our motivational drivers are. 

  • In this training you will learn what DISC is? Why is it useful? How you can use it to your benefit.

  • You will learn about different personality styles and behaviours and how you can be motivated by your interactions with people, or by getting tasks done. 

How the Training Benefits You

The training will give you a powerful tool to break down the assumptions people have about others, for suspending judgement and building empathy and understanding instead.

It will give you the chance to reflect on yourself and allow team members to connect and to understand the world better.

When you understand yourself and you learn to identify other personality and behavioural traits, you will be better able to communicate in such a way as to be heard and truly understood. 

This is vital, particularly when managing teams remotely, when so much communication is conducted via conference video, telephone and email.

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