Manage Change & Progression

Key Component of the Course

This module comprises 5 different components which is the heart of The People Skills Course. It is all about your interaction with your Team and your audience. 

Managing Teams & Relationships

Imposter Syndrome

Elevator Pitch

Engagement Skills

Influencing Skills

Why You Need the Training

      • The training will consist of theory and practical exercises to help manage teams, overcome imposter syndrome, drive engagement and develop influencing skills that will enable you to make change and progression in how you manage yourself and your business.

      • Through practical exercises, you will learn how your management style can have a direct effect on your team and your audience. Why do some teams achieve better results than others?

      • Your presentation skills will be reviewed with open and honest productive feedback. Tips and tools will be given to help you make the best of your presentation attributes. We will look at constructing a powerful ‘elevator pitch’ and learn how to engage and capture the attention of an audience for the benefit of your business.

      • We take a deep dive into a key issue that often holds many people back, ‘Imposter Syndrome’. Here you will explore the reasons behind your beliefs which can affect and stop your performance or for your team members, simply due to the limiting beliefs they hold of themselves

      • Do you have the right  ‘Elevator Pitch’ to engage – leaving your prospects speechless? We will look at what makes an elevator pitch powerful; how people respond to elevator pitches; you will plan and practice your pitch.

      • You will also learn the importance of how to develop your engagement and influencing skills.  

How the Training Benefits You

Without having the skills above, what is missing from your business right now?

Having the right knowledge, understanding and skills will definitely enable your business to thrive!


Pitching to hit bulls-eye! An elevator pitch is essential because you will be more confident and equipped to communicate the most important aspects of your business and services within a short amount of time. You have to know exactly what you want to communicate about yourself or your business with clarity and the need to know more about you.


You ask: Why would I want this training?


We ask: What could you gain from this training?


By the end of the training, you will be much more equipped with a range of tips and practical tools that will  surely enable you to communicate and manage situations and people better with your team and the people you want to do business with, maximising productivity and profit.


Having completed our training you will be more confident and reassured in speaking/presenting at meetings, seminars, networking events where you want to gain business.


The importance of learning and /or improving your skills and knowledge around these is all about Growth. Growth within Yourself, Growth for your Relationships and Growth for your Business.

“We can’t be afraid of change. You may feel secure in the pond you are in but if you never venture out of the pond, you’ll never know there is such thing as a sea or an ocean”.

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