Mental Health & Wellbeing For All

Key Component of the Course

The Importance of Mental Health

Managing your mind

Knowing your triggers

Stress Levels

Why You Need the Training



  • The training will cover the meaning of mental health and the stigma which people have around this within the workplace. 


  • We will look at managing your thoughts and feelings when feeling overwhelmed, anxious, angry or depressed by exploring the triggers and reasons behind them.


  • We will look at your level stressors and how you can manage these without overloading yourself and causing burnouts. 

How the Training Benefits You

When you can and know how to manage your mental health and wellbeing, having the right tools at hand, you will be better equipped to deal with difficult situations, people or challenges. 


You will learn to use a variety of tools and strategies which can support you personally and in your business. 


This training will bring about greater self-awareness, self-care and clear any stigma that you may have around mental health. 


After completion of the training, you will become more aware of how to create a better balance in your life to avoid burnouts or a mental breakdown.


You will have a variety of tools and strategies to implement immediately.


You will come away feeling better equipped with how you can manage yourself and understand others within your team. 

‘Self-awareness is the fundamental building block of the art of people. You can’t understand and influence other’s until you fully understand yourself at a deeper level.’

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