'To be Good in Business you need to be Great with People, with your communication Skills being the key to Success'

This is What Our Attendees Had to Say . . .

Jennifer at the people skills course


Completing The People Skills Course by Zeenat and Chandra, I found that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve got quite a lot of years of experience behind me. With my last employees, they used to send me on a lot of training courses, invested in their staff, and I’ve been to a number of presentation courses. But I have to say when I first came here, I was kind of resigned that I wasn’t going to learn anything new, but I have. I have picked up a number of tips and I would recommend people attending this course. It’s good value for money”

“Are you a networking wallflower? Does standing up and speaking for sixty seconds (or less) about your business in front of other people make you shiver?” If so, the People Skills course is for you. It will give you insights and support to help warm up your public appearances and add to your confidence where it is often most needed”

Darren W
Marketing Consultant l Editior l Journalist

Would You like to Improve The People Skills in Your Organisation?

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