Time Management

Key Component of the Course

What is meant by Time Management?

Time Management Matrix

Prioritising/ Delegating Tasks

Managing People

Mental Health

Why You Need the Training

  • We all know the adage ‘there are only so many hours in the day’.

  • Time is a precious commodity, and with so many demands on our time, it’s easy to be distracted, start many jobs and finish none of them effectively.

  • We review various priorities that come into our ‘In tray’ on a daily basis by using the Time Management matrix.

  • We will assess which priorities are critical to the running of your business and which can be delegated to members of your team.

How the Training Benefits You

We’ll show you how to take back control of your day so that you run it, it doesn’t run you!

We understand that managing time and managing deadlines can have a significant effect on your mental wellbeing and will look at various scenarios through a practical ‘In tray’ exercise.

This course will look at all the challenges that we face in our time. In recent years, this has become even more important with the advent of technology where work often extends beyond the standard 9-5 hours.

You will leave the course with a template that you can use to help to prioritise your daily/ weekly tasks whilst looking after your mental health and well being.

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