Customer Service & Telephone Techniques

Key Component of the Course

    • What is good Customer Service?

      Measure the effectiveness of your Customer Service?

      Handling complaints

      How can you improve your Customer Service?

      Setting expectations

Why You Need This Training

On the training we will tackle some of the common issues and concerns around customer and telephone services, providing actionable solutions to make positive changes.

  • You will learn to address the  things that make or break a business.


  • We will discuss the importance of why customers must feel that they are being listened to, taken seriously, and actually heard. 


  • Times have drastically changed in how we deliver customer and telephone services, but communication still remains the key, particularly over the telephone or on email where so much non-verbal communication clues have been eliminated. 


  • We will train you and your staff in how to provide a first-class customer experience that will leave even the most disgruntled customer feeling better!


  • We will examine why training your staff in providing excellent customer service is just as important as training your sales and marketing teams. We will also examine how to handle disgruntled customers and how to turn them into fans!


  • The course will show you how you can measure your Customer service.

How the Training Benefits You

If you are not achieving targets or the profitable results then this session- customer service is your opportunity to learn how to effectively connect with clients/customers, to help solve their problems, and show them that you care.

Learning the right telephone techniques and skills will help:

  • Build confidence when answering the telephone

  • Making a positive impression

  • Communication skills to handle enquiries

  • Talking to people on a ‘human’ level

  • Handling dissatisfied customers


When customer service is executed well, it can resonate with customers for years to come and can lead to good recommendations/ referrals. 

By addressing these issues your company’s reputation and profitability can have a significant positive effect, resulting in your clients to return and refer.

By the end of this training, you will have gained a complete understanding of how customer service training benefits your business.

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