Manage Yourself, Manage Your People Manage Change & Progression

Key Component of the Course

What is NLP?

What are the benefits of using NLP?

Practical Tips and Tools

Mental Health & Well-being

Managing Teams & Relationships

Imposter Syndrome

Elevator Pitch

Engagement Skills

Influencing Skills



This is the Golden Nugget Package which comprises both modules (Training 1 & 2). 


Added bonus Includes:

 3x group support calls via Zoom – 1 per month

Why You Need the Training

  • This package is an all-rounder that will give you a firm grounding of how NLP  can impact the performance of your life and business. 

  • We all need to upgrade our skills from time to time: to learn more; to keep us motivated; to keep us in tune with current trends, tools and strategies so that we can continue to grow and be successful.

How the Training Benefits You

On completion of intensive training, you will come to fully value the power of how NLP tools and techniques can be integrated within the different elements of developing people skills to provide you with the people skills you need to help you succeed – in business and in life.

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