Perfecting Your Elavator Pitch

Key Component of the Course

What is an Elevator Pitch?

Format of an Elevator Pitch – Opener, Booster and Closer

Constructing your elevator pitch

Open and Constructive Feedback

Why You Need the Training

Does the idea of standing in a room full of strangers and announcing who you are and what your business offers leave you in a cold sweat?



This is the perfect module. We will help you define what makes up the key components of a powerful elevator pitch. 



  • We look at why and how elevator pitches are important in getting you the right type of business.  Sales work often starts from the first impression. In most encounters, you only have less than a minute to impress a new prospect.


  • You will analyse different pitches, reflect on what makes an outstanding elevator pitch. 


  • The opportunity to create, plan, practice and present your 60-second pitch following a tried and proven format. 


  • Have you worked out exactly what you do offer to your clients? If your elevator pitch is more ‘down’ than ‘up’, we can show you how you can present yourself and your business so you can win more clients – in just 60 seconds!

  • An elevator pitch communicates the most important aspects of your business/ services within a short space of time (usually between 30 -60 seconds).


  • We will examine the makeup of a good elevator pitch, the beginning, middle and end We will help you decide what exactly you want to communicate about yourself or your business. We will also help you to develop a strapline which will help you get remembered.


  • Your elevator pitch will be recorded and you will receive feedback from other attendees.

How the Training Benefits You

Not having the right Elevator pitch can impact the outcome when presenting, networking or gaining/closing a business deal. 


Elevator pitches often take time to establish. Through our given format you will create the right pitch for you. 


If you do not have a clear structure and it is not practised this can impact the end result. 


REsulting in loss of business and not leaving a positive long-lasting impression.


The practical element of the session will give you practise and confidence in a safe environment to fully explore.  

Receiving constructive feedback and a recording of your elevator pitch will help reflect, improve and master your pitch.  

The pitch structure we provide is simple, easy to follow but importantly, it’s powerful and engaging.

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